Get a spot! Engage with the community!

Your business or organization has the opportunity to participate in Open Streets Medford, a family-friendly initiative that transforms our City’s streets.

Being on the street is a great opportunity to support goals that serve to enrich our community and build a strong local economy through healthy living, active transportation, civic pride and increased personal connections with small businesses and local organizations.

To register for your spot, complete the vendor application form. Email complete applications to (instructions for payment and insurance requirements are on application).

Spread the Word: Help fill the streets with potential customers by posting event flyers in your business, sharing a blurb on your community listserv, or including in an e-newsletter to your customers along with any special plans you have for the day.

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Liberty Park Residents and Neighbors on the event route are invited to set up mini-events in their front yards. What ideas will you bring? Here are some of ours:

  • Ping-pong table

  • Charades- circle of chairs, box of ideas in the middle

  • Rock painting station

  • Recipe giveaway

  • A front yard salon! Braid hair, let people give themselves pedicures, soak their feet

  • Aromatherapy tent

  • Giant bubbles

  • Bike-wash station

  • Sprinkler obstacle course with pool noodles

  • Fortune teller

  • Selfie booth with props/costumes

  • Dog washing station and/or water bowls + waste bags

  • Set up a lounge – chairs, hammocks, rugs, ambiance

  • Music (Bagpipers, drummers, we’re looking at you.)

  • Creative shade spaces